Do you think it’s worth trying betting in Bitcoin casino without investment? The answer is simple – definitely yes! The ability to play for money and receive prizes in the crypto currency will allow you not only to have fun and relax, but also to earn a lot. The general approach to gambling such a plan is no different from the usual dollar or ruble clubs. An example of a hall can be any casino of such portals. There are exactly the same bets, jackpots, as much joy from victory and disappointment from defeat. But the calculation is exclusively in gambling-money, ie all games with the output of Bitcoins. The fact is that the crypto currency has a lot of advantages:

  • Bitcoin-wallet is decentralized. This means that the money is directly in the users’ computers. The transfer of Bitcoins is performed from one device to another, that is, everything works in much the same way as in a torrent. Thanks to this transaction, no one can track;
  • Due to the Peer-to-Peer principle, all transfers are almost instantaneous;
  • Maximum security level. Due to the fact that money is stored directly on the user’s PC, an unauthorized person can not access the account in any way;
  • Creation of a Bitcoin-casino is advantageous due to minimal or zero commissions for financial transactions;
  • Players remain completely anonymous. In addition to the wallet number for completing the application for withdrawal of funds, nothing more to indicate.

Will this become a new market?

Due to the fact that Bitcoin is an unregulated currency, it is rather difficult to evaluate it, it’s easier to talk about than to do. Nevertheless, according to some experts, there are about 14.6 million Bitcoins in circulation, which is a total market value of 3.4 million dollars, although there is evidence that 45,000 Bitcoins are transacted daily. Agree, for a relatively young industry is quite impressive growth!

Benefits of using Bitcoin casinos

The currency Bitcoin offers a large list of advantages. Simply put, these are electronic money that solve some of the problems that we usually encounter when using other forms of calculation.

Bitcoin Casino offers its visitors a lot of different games. There is everything that only any gambler needs. Most of the applications are slot machines, but there are also roulette and sports betting among the categories of the catalog. And all this with the possible win of the crypto currency. What are the best bets in casino? It is very easy to play in them, you can not invest money, but you will receive prizes in the form of real crypto currency. This alignment is beneficial not only in the short term, but also in the long term: you can earn considerably more than the initial win, if you do not exchange the money received at Bitcoin casino immediately.

Low risk of bankruptcy

Ordinary currencies depend on the state, which creates a certain risk of loss. This can lead to a complete loss of currency due to hyperinflation, when all the savings a person can be lost in an instant. State regulations are not applicable to Bitcoins. This is a global virtual currency.

Low inflation risk

The biggest problem with currencies like the dollar is inflation. Over time, currencies lose their value by a certain percentage, for the most part this is due to the fact that states are starting to print more money. But with Bitcoins, you will not encounter this problem, since this system is designed taking into account the finiteness of the means. You can buy no more than 21 million Bitcoins. Not to mention the fact that releasing Bitcoins is also constantly slowing down and will be completely stopped in the coming decades.