At this time, players can choose from several major online poker sites that accept Bitcoins. Appeared one of the first, Seals With Clubs is now the most popular of all video poker rooms.

Why choosing online poker room is important?

To date, there are not so many people who have not heard anything about the Bitcoin crypto currency. For 9 years of its existence, Bitcoins have become very famous. The poker world they also did not ignore and today we will figure out which poker rooms you can make a deposit using Bitcoins, which can be profitable and possible pitfalls. You should not choose free poker room that you can not trust. In the past, there were cases of fraud on the tables, and in some cases, players even stole their Bitcoins.

Bitcoin poker promotions and bonuses

The ability to make deposits and Cachets using Bitcoins can be useful in a number of cases where a player wants to preserve the anonymity of his translations or in case of access to some not so popular rooms and networks, especially if one considers the prospects for the development of the Asian market, where Bitcoins use a large popularity. Nevertheless, it is not worth keeping significant amounts of bankrolls in Bitcoins, because of high volatility you will expose yourself to additional risks and on one rainy day it may turn out that the amount of your bankroll in USD decreased by 2 times due to a significant rate jump.

Pros and cons of poker with Bitcoin

Let’s start with a few advantages, due to which coin poker in many ways and got its popularity.

1. Bitcoin is anonymous. You do not need to confirm your identity in any way to make the transfer through Bitcoins and this is one of the main advantages for users.

2. Bitcoins can be mined. In fact all the crypto currency was made by the same users who used the power of their computers to calculate and minify the coins. This in many ways and gave impetus to the development of Bitcoins, because the initial complexity of the calculations was minimal and almost any user could independently generate a few coins.

3. Low commission. Most poker rooms working with Bitcoins provide the possibility of deposits and Caches without commission. But even if it is present, it is minimal.

Of course, there were some disadvantages of Bitcoin poker (on the example of live Holdem poker):

4. Bitcoin has no security: its value is conditional. They can be compared to gold, because they are pretty much the same for a number of parameters. Bitcoins can also not be created in unlimited quantities, due to cryptography. At the same time, it is possible not only to make purchases for Bitcoins, but also to change them to other popular currencies. To date, 1 BTC is approximately 1,000.

5. High volatility and several major scandals. The Bitcoin rate is very variable, therefore keeping your bankroll in BTC you risk both increase it and noticeably lower.